Saturday, 23 March 2013

A Welcome Most Hearty

Welcome, one and all, to Unable to Move for Drums, a feminist blog by three female human beings trying to make sense of feminism (and/or Feminism) and stop our heads spinning with rotational bewilderment. I don't really expect to come out of the experience much less confused, but we can at least have some friendly and outraged and incredulous and surreal times on the journey, right? We hope that your input will help to educate us and stretch our horizons while we, in turn, try to raise some interesting points for thought and discussion.

Each of us has her own personal take on feminist issues (and environmental issues... and pizza toppings...), so there probably won't be a totally unified outlook across the blog, and we each have particular issues that are important to us; I, for instance, am trying to write a fantasy novel and struggling not to succumb either to the well-known genre-inherited misogyny of female barbarians in metal bikinis etc. or to a whole range of more subtle pitfalls such as the unrapable heroine. This is something I'll be posting about quite soon.

You can (or will soon be able to) read a little about each of us on the 'Your Authors' page and about our basic request for comment etiquette on the 'Comments Policy' page.

So, read on, kind visitors. Please try to take adequate care of your blood pressures.

A Note About Trigger Warnings:
It would be impossible for us to predict everything that could possibly be triggering to anyone but, if you feel we've missed an inexcusable one, please let us know and we'll fix it.

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  1. Awesome, new blog to read.

    I'm very interested in particular to see your post on pitfalls in writing women in fiction! Especially what you said about the unrapable heroine - because I know two somewhat contradictory meanings of the word 'unrapable'. One is a rather nasty one - it's that a certain class of women can be seen as unrapable, in that nothing that happens to them, no matter how awful, can possibly be rape as their bodies are not seen as private. I've come across that in comments about rape trials ("Oh, look, another judge declarees sex workers unrapable"). The other meaning would I imagine be something like the woman who is STRONG and PERFECT and POWERFUL - eg an unrealistic Mary Sue. So, basically, I look forward to seeing what your meaning is!

    Anyway, best of luck to you.